Astrological interpretations are based on a persons horoscope or birth chart. Understanding your horoscope can give you valuable insights into yourself. Where are you now? Where are you going?

April 2013…spring is in the air

April begins with the Sun in fiery Aries connected to expansive and optimistic Jupiter. This provides a pioneering and enterprising spirit which encourages you to develop your original ideas and to pursue your own projects. Opportunities are waiting… If others cannot commit to grow and expand in new areas…then trust yourself and go it alone… […]


Libra Full Moon 2013

Do You Feel the Energy Shifting? The recent emphasis of 7 planets in Pisces was great for creativity, daydreams and spiritual pursuits… yet very frustrating for real progress in goals and accomplishments…   One important effect of this Piscean influence is that it takes away aspects of your life that you have identified with ­ […]